Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Visits and Baby Butt Chair

Our friends Amy and Heather came over for a quick visit tonight.

And, some of you have heard Tom refer to his "Big Butt Chair". Technically, it's one of those chair and a half things and is quite comfy. Well, Emily has her very own "Baby Butt Chair" and loves it! Here she is in her chair with one of her quilts from Great Grandma Isler!


Beckie said...

I love all the pictures and your daughter is just a little cutie! I know you are glad to be home. Thanks for letting me be a part of following your adventure to your daughter.

Amy S. said...

It's interesting that Heather's pant legs and socks aren't wet like mine. I know how that happened. I made the path (in knee deep snow) up to your door. She must have stepped into my foot prints!!! Next time we are under a level three snow emergency (um BLIZZARD!), and we come to visit Emily, I'm making Heather go first! HA-HA. Anyway, thanks for having us over. It was a great visit and such an honor to finally meet Emily. I love her!

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