Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Grandma and Grandpa Gaston came over this afternoon to watch Emily while Tom and I escaped to Columbus for several hours. Before they showed up I decided to put Emily in a pair of bibs and one of the new sweatshirts that Grandma bought for Em. It was cute. It was glittery. But, it was warm.

Only a few of you probably know about my "fear" of glitter. Okay, so I'm not really afraid of glitter, but have you noticed that glitter never seems to go away? I've never liked glitter and I'm already dreading the school projects that Emily will bring home that are covered in glitter.

I didn't think the glitter on the sweatshirt was going to be an issue but 3 days later (I'm posting this on the 16th) I'm STILL seeing glitter on this kid!

It goes something like this. Friction from the front of the bibs caused abrasive action on the front of the sweatshirt which eroded the glitter away. As most are well aware, gravity comes into play and the aforementioned glitter was forced settle elsewhere. I didn't notice anything amiss until I went to change Emily's diaper later that evening. Hmmmmm, glitter. Wonder where that came from?!? The front of Emily's diaper had become the collection bin for all the glitter that was rubbed off the front of her sweatshirt! I'm still laughing about it as I write this!

What better reason to give a kid a bath than to get all the glitter off. So, here are some pictures of that event. Who doesn't like seeing a kid getting ready for a bath!

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Amy Kramp said...

I love glitter.

Would you believe I bought Emily the glitteryist outfit I could find as a shower gift?

You probably would believe that, but lucky for you it's not true =)

And um...where's the picture with me? yeah, that's what I thought.]


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