Wednesday, January 03, 2007

4 days and counting...

The countdown has begun... at this time on Sunday I will be sitting in an airport waiting for them to tell me I can board the plane - the plane that will ultimately take us to find the daughter that God has in store for our family. When we go to court in approximately a month, we will officially become a family of 4.

I told Tom last night that I feel like I've been cramming for an exam for 2 years and it's quickly approaching. Our agency has a 100% success rate with adoptions so I feel like I'm going to pass the test, but what if I forget something along the way!

I had a wrap-up phone conference with my coordinator this evening and feel like I'm actually pretty well prepared for this trip. I mean who shouldn't be after reading up on the topic for over 2 years! I feel like I can scrap my way of life for a few months and adapt to whatever is in store... well, almost. I'm not so sure about the variety of food that I'll be eating but if I can get some bread and water I'll be fine... please just don't ask me to eat those lovely summer salads that everyone else boasts about (cucumbers, tomatoes and mayo... no lettuce, cheese, croutons, or sweet and sour salad dressing!) I can't stand the taste of alcohol and don't want to offend anyone over there so please don't ask me to toast with vodka or rum... maybe I'll raise a non-carbonated bottle of water when everyone else raises their glass! Did I mention the horse that appears on many of the menus? Yes, folks, Mr. Ed and My Friend, Flicka are on the menu in Kazakhstan and actually considered to be a common item over there.

Anyway... we're on our way. Packing lists are being crossed off and I'm trying to picture how all that stuff in the nursery is actually going to fit into 4 suitcases and a couple of carryons.

Please continue to keep us all in prayer... including those we are leaving behind. Our parents are already trying to figure how they'll cope with us being so far away for so long and it's going to be awful rough leaving Ryan behind to continue with his freshman year at school and life in general. Sadly, we're going to miss his 15th birthday while we're gone but we'll be sure to celebrate from the other side of the world!

Again, thanks for following along on our journey... it's only just begun.

Take care and Be Blessed!

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