Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Aliya and a darn cute kid

Today, I asked Aliya to send a quick hello to all you WPA families that are following along... and the rest of you can take a peek too. This is Aliya being very serious (which we don't see too often!). Aliya is very professional when she needs to be but deep down she's a fun-loving young lady.

Tom was able to catch a glimpse of the children that go out to play while we're in the PT room. The kids are about 3 or 4 years old and are very well behaved. The go outside to play with their caregiver for a while and we see them all bundled up like this a couple of times a week. The one in the orange coat is a real firecracker. He/She usually goes along with the rest of the group but every now and then decides to do his/her own thing. The group gets ready to head in and he/she try to head to the other side of the playground. We've learned that hoods come in handy for keeping kids on a leash... in a kind way of course! ;-)

Here is another view through the PT room windows... behind the trees is a car with Misha in a red coat. He likes to spend time cleaning ice off his car while we're visiting. Also... if you look closely... it's SNOWING! I've been waiting to see it snow here and I finally got my wish! It's snowed a couple of times during the night since we've been here but this is the first that I've really been able to enjoy watching it snow.

Here is a picture of the playground that was purchased by our agency (WPA) about a year and a half or so ago. It's still in wonderful shape and if it weren't so slushy right now I'd go try it out! Our agency has done a lot to help the babyhouse here and has even donated money to replace the roof on the building and fix structural issues within. The big tree that was in the music room when we first arrived was also purchased by our agency. They really do use the money wisely and it ultimately goes to help the children. I can't say enough good things about WPA!

Just another cute shot of Nadia/Emily cuddling up to her daddy today. This is the first time I've tried setting her on her knees like this because she just hasn't been too flexible until now... boy did she love cuddling up against Tom's tummy and she just kept patting his shirt with her hands. It was too cute!

Nadia/Emily is really into standing up and bouncing right now. Here's a clip. I'm just holding her steady... she's doing the bouncing on her own and loving it!

Take care and be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Tom and Jenni,
Thanks so much for all the great blogs, pictures and videos. We are saving some of them for Ashlyn as we remember the shaking washer noise. It shook dishes off the counter while we were there. Also, it was great to hear Aliya again. Tell her "WOW" her english is amazing! We were really impressed with her improvement since we were there. GREAT JOB!!! :)
Your little angel is so adorable! God has truely blessed you both!
Thanks again for sharing......

Amy S. said...

Aliya, I can tell, is a jewel. How nice it is to get to see and hear her on video. She is someone I'd like to meet. Ask her if she's ever thought of coming to the USA for a visit.
I looked up the meaning of her name... it means "rising, ascending. Sublime, exalted".
Sublime = inspiring (awe).
I found that interesting.
Thanks for sharing!!

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