Monday, January 15, 2007

Another day, another tenge

You know your days are starting to run together when you count your visits according to what clothes the baby has been wearing!

I'm trying to remember what pictures I've shared and what I've told you guys... It's 3:15am here right now and I simply cannot sleep. Ah, I would love to be home in my own bed right now... with my hubby and my baby!

Anywho... here are some more pictures to feed your cravings and keep the revolt down to a minimum.

Today's visits were held in the physical therapy room because the music room was occupied by someone else. We were asked to not put her on the floor because the room was chilly (in other words... actually comfortable to us) so we resorted to holding Nadia/Emily most of the time or playing with her on the bed in the room.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to be in the music room again so we can keep working on flexibility and mobility... and there are a few more things to look at... shiny stuff!

As far as meals today... Aliya took us to the Dixie Pub. It has somewhat American food but the menus are all in Russian so Aliya had to order for us. We did find out they have tortellini, t-bone steaks, soups, salads, and Mexican food. I ordered beef vegetable soup... that was made in a chicken broth base... interesting. Tom ordered chicken fajitas and was a happy camper. He's been eating about 1 meal a day the last couple of days because we're usually asleep by supper time. Poor guy's just wasting away. ;-)

Yeah, yeah, enough about food, I know all you guys really care about is seeing baby pictures from the day... here ya go! Sorry, they aren't the best quality today... I think the camera is on a jet lag delay too!


MichelleG said...

Clever title ... thanks for teaching me a new word today.

Richard and Kristy Buck said...

Hi Jenni,
Congratulations on your baby girl!!We stayed in your apartment in oct/nov. Please email me at also if Misha is your driver he has a friend that might can fix your computer problem.

Kristy Buck

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