Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How "Bazaar"!

Between our morning and afternoon visit we went to the Bazaar which is like a giant outdoor market. Not really a flea market (with used stuff) but with booths set up for outdoor sales. This operates throughout the year even in cold, snowy weather and this seems to be where a lot of locals do their shopping. We had 1 main item on our list of things to purchase and that was a snowsuit for Nadia/Emily. I didn't want to try to pack one to bring along especially since we didn't know for sure what size she would be.

It didn't take us long and Tom was ready to make his first purchase... a hat for his noggin'. It was a bit chilly outside and quite sloshy too!

It took us a while, but after at least 2 pair of soggy socks (Jenni's and Aliya's) we finally found a booth that sold baby-sized snowsuits. The sizing is different here and we had 2 to pick from... we did the best we could without a kid in tow and the lady said she would let us exchange for a smaller size if we needed to. The original one we picked up was a pretty bright purple color but later after trying it on Nadia we decided to exchange it for a smaller size and they only had blue. Both Aliya and the sales lady were concerned that I might buy a blue snowsuit for a little girl, but the only other option was to buy a goofy looking one with what looked like satanic horns on the hood. (Tom and I both agreed blue was better than making our daughter look like Satan!)

While we were looking for snowsuits, we also ran across a couple of tables that sold jewelry and I found several silver rings that had Russian prayers on them for just 600 tenge each (just about $5)! I picked out 3 for myself and 1 to save back for Emily as she gets older.

Here are a few pictures from the bazaar...

And, just so I don't get in trouble for not posting any pictures of the jitterbug today... here ya go!

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