Saturday, January 13, 2007

Let the visits begin!

We had our first visits this morning with Baby Nadia. We were told to bring 5 diapers and a change of clothes every day. (For future adopters, this is a babyhouse #2 rule... all baby houses are different.)

Our morning visit went very well. We ended up holding her most of the time and walking her around the room. She is a sweetie. She's very smiley and loves to look around the music room and study us. Partway through she started getting fussy and you could tell she was starting to get tired.

No matter which side of the world kids are on, they've all read the same book on how to act when they're sleepy! We kept her content through the visit and then Aliya took her back to her room.

The afternoon visit was even better. She allowed Tom to hold her more than before and she really didn't fuss so much. We got a lot of giggles out of her and took several more pictures and a short video. So... enough from me... here's baby!

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