Monday, January 22, 2007

Coos, Dogs and Potter!

Today's visits weren't anything out of the ordinary. Since the kidlet has been a little spit-up factory lately we have run out of clean rags to bring with us. All 4 are hanging up to dry! I had asked Aliya if she could get one for us to borrow today and she had forgotten. She brought Nadia/Emily into the PT room for our visit this morning and no sooner had she left the room to borrow a rag and Nadia erupted!

It would figure, too. Aliya needed to take our family picture today for our court album. Fortunately, Aliya was quick to the rescue and we got her cleaned up... except for the wet spots on her shirt and pants which you can see in the picture if you look closely.

Here's a little video to keep you entertained as well. Even though Tom's hand looks absolutely huge over her head she absolutely loves when he does this. It actually calms her down and she would let him do this all day!

After our morning visit we went to visit Maternity Hospital #3 (where Nadia was born). We didn't go inside, but Tom took pictures from the outside while Aliya shared the story of the hospital. It goes something like, "You know, there are 2 maternity hospitals in Uralsk..." "I do? I thought we were at #3?" At this, Aliya busts up laughing because she realized what she had just said... it doesn't take much to make this girl laugh. I never did find out what happened to the missing babyhouse, but I will assume it was closed down for some reason or another.

The "other" babyhouse is used mainly by those that are native to Uralsk, this babyhouse that Nadia/Emily was born in is much bigger and is used by those women coming in from the surrounding areas. It is also used on occasion as an overflow hospital if the main hospital for Uralsk citizens is too full. This little bit of information tells us that most likely Nadia's mother is not native to Uralsk but comes from one of the surrounding suburbs or rural regions. And, it's very possible that our coordinator, Olga, knows more about her birth parents.

On our way up to the maternity we found a great opportunity to share some of the wildlife in the area with you. Remember the dogs we've talked about? Here is a pack them that were greatly interested in introducing themselves to one another while we were walking by. ;-)

Not too much to share in other news. For Katie and Carrie... I include this brief clip... Harry Potter was on TV tonight. So, here it is, just for you!

And, for those curious about the laundry situation, this is for you. We are learning to put loads of laundry in the washing machine when we're headed to bed or headed out the door. It's a top loading washing machine that sounds like a jet engine taking off when it starts the spin cycle. Not only that, but remember I said it's in the kitchen beside the sink? The entire counter top shimmies and shakes when that things running. Here's a quick snippet of the event... as it's turning off. The dishes in the drying rack rattle, the water in the sink splashes... all in all if you didn't know better you might think we were experiencing an earthquake not a spin cycle!

That's enough for one day! Until next time! Paka and Das'vdanya!

Current spew score:
Jenni: 4
Tom: 1
Aliya: 1

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Beckie's Life's Lessons said...

I love the video with playing with Emily's face....all of my children always enjoyed that being done to them. I love your informative and fun.

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