Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday visits: Part Deux

The blogger limits how many pictures I can upload in a single entry so you get 2 entries today...and more picts!

Yet another fun close-up!

Sorry for the strips and plaid.. it made me chuckle... this angle makes her look huge!

She's been pretty "stiff" lately when we've held her. She holds her head up but hasn't turned it much from side to side... acts like I do when I have a stiff neck. She also doesn't bend at the waist or legs very well and her arms usually stay bent and very close to her chest.... these are all signs that she's been laying down quite a bit and hasn't been very mobile... all typical signs of being in and institution. It's really not a big problem, just means she'll be a bit delayed and we'll have a bit of catch-up work to do with her. Lots of kids are like this and we've heard there are major improvements as parents begin visiting with them.

I've already started to work with her to get her to reach for toys and to help her sit up a bit when we see her during visits. We are sort of her own personal therapists! We knew she was able to hold her head up and had a really good grip but I hadn't seen any evidence of much mobility. Today... on her 8-month birthday we got to see her roll over from front to back and back to front. She also layed on her back for quite a while and kept trying to grab a chain toy. She was able to catch it with both hands and yes, it went directly to her mouth. (No teeth yet, but lots of drool and everything goes in her mouth... should be soon!)

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