Sunday, January 14, 2007

Some pictures for you!

We had a lot of requests for more pictures... so I will simply say that today was basically like yesterday... wake up, get dressed, go to baby house, eat lunch, go to baby house, come home, post blog! We're starting to get into the swing of an actual schedule and it feels pretty good.

Tom and Little Miss Nadia "Emily"

It's Playtime!

Extreme Close-up!

She was getting a bit fussy and the baby house doctor was in the room. After a while, someone brought in a bottle and I got to feed her!!! No, it's not apple juice... it's tea! And, yes, it was in a glass bottle with a nipple on it like we used to use to bottle feed lambs. She also had someone send in a pacifier. Heaven forbid a baby fusses a little bit. ;-) She must be afraid we won't want her if she fusses too much.

Um, chew toy anyone?

1 comment:

Amy Kramp said...

1) good pics
2) she seems to have full cheeks
3) I can't believe she was drinking tea
4) Has Tom changed a diaper yet?
5) I can't believe you've only been gone a probably are thinking you can't believe you've only been gone a week

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