Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back to the music room.

Miss Nadia/Emily was a bit tired today and while we did play on the floor, roll over and chew and drool on everything... (by "we", I mean "she"!) we also held her a lot and walked around the room.

We were back in the music room today. I believe we've been staying out of the music room because the doctor's offices are being remodeled while we are here and their desks have been moved to a corner of the music room. Aliya and Olga had arranged for us to have visits in the PT room because sometimes the doctors tend to be a little too helpful when they watch us the whole time. I didn't mind it so much the first day as they made a few suggestions on things Nadia likes and showed how they deal with fussiness, but I imagine their helpfulness would get old, very fast day in and day out.

Speaking of fussy, Nadia/Emily really isn't a fussy baby but she will let you know when she's tired of sitting, tired of laying down, etc. She doesn't really turn on the waterworks but just vocalizes in the only way she knows how right now. And, being that she's just now reaching a point when she can roll herself over she's starting to be a little more independent and takes care of some of those issues on her own. She does like to cuddle though and when she does get tired and fussy the best way to console her is to walk with her and let her look around the room.

We don't have access to a walker or exersaucer at the babyhouse I imagine she would love it. (They do use walkers in the babies rooms - we just don't have one where we do visits.) We have an old walker in the apartment here that I will try out with her. She loves for me to hold onto her and let her stand up and loves to bounce up and down that way. She also seems to really like to sway and will probably enjoy the swing we have back home too.

Today, Nadia/Emily inducted Aliya into the Kazakh Spew Club. The score so far is: Tom-1, Aliya-1, Jenni-3 (I'm either winning or losing by a landslide!) Unfortunately, Aliya was dressed up for a birthday party yesterday and was going to have to go home to have a bath and change clothes after our visits! She got nailed good!

Tonight I wrote down a list of questions for the babyhouse staff into a journal and will give it to Aliya so she can translate the questions. The staff will respond in Russian and then Aliya will translate the responses back into English for me. I also left a lot of room at the back of the book for the staff to leave comments and memories of Nadia and also well wishes for her. We will share this with her as she gets older. I also hope to take pictures of the babyhouse staff to include in her journal with their entries.

Well, enough from me, without further adieu I turn you over to the star of the show.

Our morning chats:

A little interaction... and drool:

And, finally, who doesn't love a crying baby? ;-)

Take care and be blessed! We love to hear your comments!


gnhgross said...

Oh my goodness Jenni and Tom I am so enjoying being a part of your adventure over in Kaz...

Emily is absolutely adorable and I just can't wait to get to meet her in person.

Thanks for the constant posting and updating your doing. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the videos.

Hugs - Heather

marla said...

What could be better than videos! Obviously I understand the power of technology... but to use it like this is just great! Thank you so much for sharing your journey, and all the pictures, and vidoes!!!

Love you guys!

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