Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One sick kidlet...

We spent the entire day today reworking Emily's schedule and making sure she is getting plenty of fluids and eating more often but less at each feeding. Her fever broke over night but she still has an upset stomach and "interesting" diapers... again, I'll spare you the details.

The doctor from the babyhouse came to the apartment today at noon to take a look at Emily. She said she still had a fever but it had definitely come down from last night. On top of all that, the doctor brought some "baby yogurt" for us to give Emily instead of formula. She also wrote down 2 more medicines that we are to give Emily. At this point, I hate being in a foreign country -- only because my child is sick.... I'm giving my daughter medicines that I've never heard of before. I can't read any of the labels to understand more about them or to confirm that it's okay to give a baby of 8 mos. that much medicine all at once.

When we left the babyhouse with Emily on the 29th, we were given a list of 2 medicines to buy and also told to increase her fluid intake. We had to purchase Emigyl-F and Linex. The Emigyl-F is the only med I have that has a little bit of English on the box ("Metronidazole benzoate and Furazolidone suspension - Ensure rapid relief from diarrhea"). l believe we were also told the Lenix would help with the upset stomach. After the doctor's visit today we then had to purchase Panadol Baby (which I think is supposed to help take the fever down) and CMekTa packets which we are supposed to add to her water... (I believe this might be like our Pedialyte).

I was hoping to have Emily on formula for the 5 1/2 hour trip to Almaty because it would be so easy to mix up for her... but that's the one thing I'm not supposed to be giving her right now.

Tomorrow (1/31) we will press on and make it through another day. Our flight to Almaty leaves at 10:10 tomorrow morning and we don't have a direct flight. We land in Aktyrau for an hour and a half before continuing the flight to Almaty. We've been told that airport isn't all that comfortable but Aliya assures us we will be okay. I will have our rented cell phone with us in case we need to get ahold of her for anything or if we need her to translate anything for us. (Aliya and I are both so glad we rented a cell phone for this trip!)

We upgraded our seats for this flight to business class yesterday in hopes that we will get a little better service and have a little more room for a sick baby.

Please keep us in prayer! It's scary to be in a foreign country with a sick baby and weird medical practices. I'm anxious to get home and have Emily feeling better or at the very least to get her to an American doctor to be checked out. (It's not that I don't trust the doctors from the babyhouse - they've done a great job with Emily over the past 8 mos.)

Today I will continue working on our new feeding and medicine schedule and will attempt to work on packing while Emily is napping.

- - - - - - - Posted later today 12pm - - - - -

Emily woke up a little more cheerful this morning. She greeted me with a smile and although she still doesn't seem to be feeling well she's a little more alert today. We're following "mom's instinct" and letting up on some of the meds that were prescribed. I'm going to continue with the one that says diarrhea relief and will keep giving her bits of wheat cereal (very fine Cream of Wheat) and the packets that seem to resemble Pedialyte.

I'm feeling a little better about the whole thing too. It's just so frustrating when you know your child doesn't feel well and there's not much you can do about... or for that matter you can't easily communicate with those back home that might have some good motherly advice. We do have some very good neighbors across the hall that are also here to adopt through WPA. Deb has a medical background and has let us borrow their underarm thermometer. She also brought some of her medical equipment to Kaz. in case she would need them and has offered her services as well.

I'm still a little leary about flying with a sick baby but if we can get Emily to eat wheat cereal regularly it will be as easy to prepare as formula.

Until next time! Das v'danya!

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