Thursday, January 25, 2007


Just a quick blog today to let you all know that we will be delayed in posting for a least a day or two and then may have some more simplified blogs. We found out yesterday morning that DSL over here is billed quite differently than in the states and we are working out some details of that before we do much more uploading and downloading online. We are going to tentatively hold off on posting our blogs until we get things ironed out on this end and figure out what's going on. I just wanted to be sure to let everyone know so if you didn't hear from us for a while you didn't get worried. We are fine and the other American families came in yesterday afternoon so we have English-speaking company now too.

In other (better) news we found out that we have pre-court on 1/26 at 2PM. It should only last about 15 minutes and we were given a run through of potential questions that might be asked. It's a formality of the court system and should be pretty painless.

Okay, enough from me... I don't know how much this is costing me so I need to keep it short and sweet today. Remember, there will be a short delay in my postings but I'll keep them running in the background and will upload them once we get everything ironed out.

Take care and be blessed!

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Michelle Meenach said...


Thank you so much for responding to my email. Your daughter is beautiful. It makes me want to be there to get out daughter. Were glad eveything is going smooth so far. Your in our prayers.

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